Fly Fishing Trout Leader

Fly Fishing Trout Leader

Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Trout Leader 7.5 Ft

by Scientific Anglers
  • Longer, Larger Butt for Easy Turnover
  • Unique, New Composition Lays Straighter on The Water
  • Clear Color
  • Primary Use: Trout and Panfish
  • Pre-Tied Loop for Quick Connect to Fly Line
Scientific Anglers(TM) Premium Freshwater Leader - 7 1/2 Trout With Loop

Leader Characteristics:
* Specially designed with a longer, larger butt for easy turnover and delivery of trout and panfish flies
* Unique, new composition lays straighter on the water
* Very low memory, less coiling, easy to straighten

* 7.5 - ideal for most situations, wind

SizeTippet DiameterButt DiameterMax Break Strength
6X0.005"0.020"3.7 lb
5X0.006"0.022"4.8 lb
4X0.007"0.022"6.8 lb
3X0.008"0.022"8.8 lb
2X0.009"0.022"10.5 lb
  • Line Color:
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