Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Trout Leader 7.5 ft

Product Description

Scientific Anglers(TM) Premium Freshwater Leader - 7 1/2' Trout With Loop

Leader Characteristics:
* Specially designed with a longer, larger butt for easy turnover and delivery of trout and panfish flies
* Unique, new composition lays straighter on the water
* Very low memory, less coiling, easy to straighten

* 7.5 ' - ideal for most situations, wind

SizeTippet DiameterButt DiameterMax Break Strength
6X0.005"0.020"3.7 lb
5X0.006"0.022"4.8 lb
4X0.007"0.022"6.8 lb
3X0.008"0.022"8.8 lb
2X0.009"0.022"10.5 lb
  • Line Color:

Product Features

  • Longer, larger butt for easy turnover
  • Unique, new composition lays straighter on the water
  • Clear color
  • Primary use: Trout and Panfish
  • Pre-tied loop for quick connect to fly line

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
 (18 customer reviews)

Great leaders ARE made!, June 26, 2012
Bob Loblaw (Texas)
These are fantastic leaders but people should realize that they are not made of fluorocarbon. Rather, these are just plain ol' mono filament so you may want to tie on a small fluorocarbon tippet on the end of it in order to help with presentation. I have also found that the fluorocarbon tippets reduce breakage and keep you from embarrassingly sending your flies flying off into the distance or breaking them off on the sapling behind you. What I do is feel the leader up to the point where it begins to thicken, at that point I cut the leader, tie a perfection loop and attach my fluorocarbon tippet.

everything you expect from a quality leader, September 7, 2011
First time I've used the SA knotless leader and I loved it. It lays out nice and does everything I want in a trout leader. Good product for reasonable price. I plan to continue to use them.

Decent inexpensive flyline leader, April 22, 2013
C. P. Robertson "doc" (Lakeside, AZ USA)
They work fine. There is no prettied loop on the butt end. Have to be careful unwinding it or it becomes tangled.

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