Silver Lake Fishing Flies Assortment

Silver Lake Fishing Flies Assortment

Product Description

Youll be pulling fish from the water in no time with this excellent assorted set of hand-tied flies. Great for freshwater fly fishing to catch trout and other fish, Silver Lakes Assorted Wet Flies 55-Pack features a wide variety of colors that allow fishing in various conditions. Hand-tied flies. Round bend hooks. With 55 of todays most popular patterns and styles organized in a reusable plastic case, youre sure to find one that works for any given situation.

Product Features

  • Wide variety of colors allows the option of fishing in various conditions.
  • Great for trout fishing along with other species fish.
  • Reusable plastic box can be used again for different baits/flies.
  • Reusable plastic box is great for storing additional flies.

Customer Reviews

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Poorly Tied Flies, December 9, 2010
Wooly Bugger (Colorado)
There were a LOT of flies in this box, but they are poorly tied, unravel after one cast, and the patterns don't imitate any insect that I've ever seen on the river.

Odd colors, it will be hard to match a hatch, good for practice, August 15, 2010
These flies were a good deal. Even though the colors and flies were off for my area and I suspect most areas, and a few of flies were less than well tied. All and all I cant complain for the price. I used these to teach my cousin how to fly fish, because I didn't care if he snapped a few off. Some of the darker - adams -ish not really looking flies did work in area where the fish were biting at anything. So... All in all, these are good flies for either the times when when you are not expecting to catch any fish, or the times when you are catching too many fish. I actually took a few of these and tied on my own adams rabbit hair padding to make them look better. You could also use a fabric spray pain and hit a few of the orange ones with it... This is an impressive set for a newbie to start out with who doesn't know much about fly fishing.... I'm happy overall with the purchase - (But i also took some good flies with me on my trip)

Okay for beginner, but they are $5 at wally world, January 28, 2011
Greg in PA
Poorly constructed. Think of them are disposable, one catch flies. Also, the same product is on the shelves at walmart for five bucks.

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